Android Time Tacker is a automatic time logger with, GPS Tracking and Geocoding


Start/Stop -> done

Pie chart

Check if you set your priorities right

Bar chart

Data from a different perspective


All Entries of a day or project are clearly listed


Document your progress with some images


Detect gabs at the first view


Save where you have been working

Filter out and export

Use the filter to create specific reports


Track your way


TimeTracker supports many export formats i.e. PDF


Easy & Clear

Data is presented in a interactive calendar and therefor clear and intuitive

No compromis

Fast & Precise

Create time records within seconds or even completely automatic


Individual & Safe

Create categories, customers or projects and assign time records to them

Was die Experten davon halten:

A useful application that will be perfect for your daily tasks
TimeTracker - time tracking is an application that allows users to create time entries and organize several trackers for keeping track of your activities. This is a curious timing app that presents itself in a calendar-style

What can you do? Select your preferred GPS profile and record your paths as well as your timings. Don't forget to add pictures to make everything more visual and keep your days better organized.

Use the simple stopwatch to control the time and synchronize your entries between your computer and mobile device. Also, divide them into different categories to keep everything clearer. read more...


Fahrtenbuch gesucht?

TimeTracker has a brother named TripTracker which is suitable for everyone who doesen't need a full functional time tracking solution. It needs less permissions than myTime and is the right choice for everyone who just want to record his businesstrips and a law conform document for public authorities.

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TimeTracker has a powerful synchronization mechanism which lets you share your data across all your devices. In addition you can also edit your data on your PC by logging in to our web interface. However, there may be scenarios where this is not sufficient enough.
  • Maybe you have a company and need to check the progress of your individual workers?
  • Or just want to use your own server?

If so just wirte me an email: stefan@stefan-zankl.com

about the developer

About the developer

Did you know that this app is developed and maintained by one single person? Please show me your support, it' easy just rate the app.

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Even if TimeTracker is designed to be intutive and easy to use there might be some features you didn't noticed yet. In this video you will see everything that TimeTracker can do for you.

Watch a short clip

Tablet running TimeTracker

Question? The manual can be found here


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